Positive Parenting 101: How to Support Your Child’s Growth Using (Mostly) Positive Attention

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Modern day parents benefit from having an abundance of research to guide healthy parenting practices. However, we also suffer from information overload, as well as living in an Instagram fantasy that pressures us to feel like we need to be “perfect” parents (and have perfectly behaved children) in order to be adequate. The “positive parenting” movement guides parents to approach their children (and themselves!) with kindness, respect, empathy, and intention. But many parents struggle to find the line between embracing this philosophy and feeling bad about themselves for “not living up”. In this talk, licensed psychologist and parent coach Dr. Caroline Segal will demystify the spirit of positive parenting, guide you to identify and practice your own personal parenting values, and provide you with practical skills to promote connection and growth in both your child and yourself.

Speaker: Caroline Segal, PhD

Date of session: September 12th 10am – 11am


Location: Session to be held on Zoom