Shelly Ransom, MS CCC-SLP

Shelly Ransom is a speech language pathologist who specializes in working with children who stutter, have pragmatic language difficulties, and/or expressive/receptive language difficulties. She enjoys her work at Sasco River Center evaluating clients in a collaborative environment. Shelly has significant experience evaluating children’s expressive/receptive language, pragmatic language, emerging language, stuttering, and articulation/phonological processing skills. Shelly’s passion for helping individuals find their own communication style guides her sessions and is a common thread that flows into her volunteer work and her yoga & meditation teachings.

She is also an adjunct professor at Sacred Heart University and relishes the opportunity to mentor new speech language pathology clinicians. Shelly has completed the Palin Center Parent Child Interaction Therapy training for children who stutter or have other communication difficulties and their families.

She received her Masters in the Science of Communication Disorders from Sacred Heart University and holds her certificate of clinical competency from the American Speech and Hearing Association. When she isn’t thinking about Speech and Language, she loves reading novels, art journaling, kayaking, and spending time with her husband and two children.

About Sasco River Center

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