Mykelle Coleman, PhD, NCSP

Mykelle S. Coleman is a post-doctoral fellow at Sasco River Center. She is a nationally and Connecticut state certified school psychologist with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, specialization in school psychology and area of concentration in school law, from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Coleman received her Bachelor of Arts from Western Connecticut State University with a degree in psychology. She received her master’s degree and sixth-year certificate in school psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Coleman completed her APA-accredited predoctoral internship at a community mental health setting, Clifford Beers Community Care Center, providing therapy to individuals across the lifespan with mental, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental diagnoses and conducting psychological and Autism diagnostic evaluations. She also had the opportunity to serve on the Community Healing Support Team at Clifford Beers, which helps individuals and families during community-wide traumatic incidents in New Haven, CT. Mykelle has worked and interned in various settings across Connecticut serving children, adolescents, and their families, including at the Department of Developmental Services, Head Start programs, public schools, and transition programs for young adults.

Mykelle incorporates humanistic and ecological foundations to understand each individual and determine quality services and supports. She recognizes that the self is a powerful force that fuels empowerment and promotes agency. Dr. Coleman also operates from a strengths-based approach and emphasizes that building rapport, connections, and collaboration are key ingredients for the therapeutic relationship. She is influenced by her work in school-based settings with ensuring that her practices focus on the whole person, tailoring her support to promote their overall functioning and understanding that each individual has various identities, circumstances, and experiences that uniquely contribute to who they are. This theoretical approach is used at the individual-level and system-level to understand how specific populations are impacted and how to advocate for social justice as a professional. Mykelle is passionate about her work in social justice, about amplifying the voices of communities, and has received awards for her work. She has experience conducting psychoeducational assessments for children and adolescents that have supported educational decision-making to help students learn and thrive in their school environments.

Mykelle is actively involved in research and her current research projects include school climate perceptions of minoritized student groups and the impact of school discipline on specific student populations. In addition, she has conducted research that focused on microaggressions on university campuses and relationships within the field of social psychology. Dr. Coleman’s research interests are centered on advancing social justice in the field of psychology and promoting change through increased knowledge. Mykelle’s general interests/hobbies include traveling, writing, and playing the drums.

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