Moriah Smith-Bresky, MA, PsyD

Moriah Smith-Bresky, MA, Psy.D. graduated from The APA accredited Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2022 with a Clinical Psychology doctorate focused on developmental psychology. Her clinical training was focused on community mental health; she completed her internship at the APA accredited Clifford Beers Clinic in New Haven, CT. Moriah has extensive work with adolescents, parents, and social skill groups. Her research and areas of clinical expertise include attachment relationships, trauma disorders, emotional regulation in ADHD/ASD populations, and creative therapy interventions.She is especially passionate about working with clients to improve their self-awareness and promote healthy relationships.

Moriah strongly values promoting diverse perspectives and backgrounds into therapy work so that clients/families may bring their full selves to the therapy room. Her therapeutic style (“psychodynamic”) relies heavily on the relationship between the client and therapist. She uses humor, art, authenticity, and psychoeducation to create a space for clients to gain awareness of their needs and values. When working with children, Moriah applies her background as a summer camp counselor and theatrical designer to find creative and energetic ways to engage children so that they can discover their needs and advocate for themselves. While providing parenting skills, Moriah uses developmentally based psychoeducation to increase parents’ confidence in understanding their children’s behavior to raise confident, respectful, and caring young people; she has a passion for working with ADHD-impacted families.

About Sasco River Center

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