Linda Bolton

Linda, Intake Coordinator and all-around go-to person, lives in Westport with her son, Robert. She has extensive experience as an office manager, and she is an expert at keeping everything running seamlessly and harmoniously. Robert, who is a special needs child, makes her extra enthusiastic to be a part of the Sasco River Center team, as she understands firsthand the importance of an excellent program of therapy.

Linda and her son share a love of the beach, photography, and pets. Caring for their two dogs, Romeo and LaLa, along with the pets of vacationing friends, keeps their home warm and caring. In her spare time, Linda enjoys cooking, reading and is an avid Yankees fan. (But don’t hold it against her.)

About Sasco River Center

A multidisciplinary practice offering a range of diagnostic and therapy services for children, adolescents, young adults, and families; specializing in Collaborative & Comprehensive Testing, Psychotherapy & Sensory Processing.

We are a merger of Sensory Kids & The Southfield Center for Development