Lanae Drachslin, MS

Lanae Drachslin as an advanced psychology practicum student at Sasco River Center. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology at the University of Connecticut. Lanae received her Bachelor of Arts from UCLA with a degree in psychology and applied developmental psychology. She received her master’s degree in education from Johns Hopkins University. Lanae has a background working in education as an elementary school teacher and interventionist in both CT and NY.

Lanae’s approach to providing psychological assessment and mental health services is driven by an ecological systems perspective and cognitive-behavioral theoretical orientation. She values social justice oriented and problem-solving approaches to practice to provide inclusive and effective mental health supports to children and adolescents. Lanae has extensive experience conducting psychoeducational evaluations across a variety of ages and settings—PK-12 public schools, residential treatment centers, and private practice.

Since entering a scientist-practitioner focused graduate program, Lanae has been involved in several research and clinical experiences. She is currently a graduate assistant with project PRIME-2 where she supports research to improve implementation of behavioral interventions in schools. Lanae’s research interests focus on the environmental factors that impact children and adolescents’ social-emotional and behavioral functioning–namely family and school variables. Her current research aims to develop a more time-efficient consultation approach in schools to better address students’ academic and behavioral needs.

About Sasco River Center

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