Kayla Berube

Kayla Berube graduated from Williams College with a BA in psychology. During her undergraduate studies, she undertook Williams’ neuroscience concentration in order to more fully understand pathology and positive brain function. After graduation, Kayla enjoyed six years teaching elementary grades at a local private school. While she loved teaching, she knew her passion was to connect with and support young people and their families at a personal and emotional level.

Kayla left teaching to pursue her masters in Counseling Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. For a period of time, she worked in Columbia’s on-site clinic, The Dean Hope Center, where she counseled young adults. She then transitioned to HEAF, an afternoon enrichment program in Harlem, NY, where she provided therapy to teens. After graduating with her Masters of Education from Columbia, Kayla stayed at HEAF as a full time counselor until the birth of her first child.

Kayla returned to education for three years as a school counselor before joining Sasco River Center in February of 2018. Kayla’s approach is integrative. She works primarily from a cognitive behavioral framework wherein she asks clients for active participation in consideration of goals, thought and behavior patterns. However, in therapy, she thoroughly examines individual and familial history, values, narratives, and power.

Kayla’s work is marked by collaboration and, with younger clients, solution-focused qualities. She has experience with children, adolescents, and young adults working through anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal challenges, and life transitions.

About Sasco River Center

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