Ethan Bourque, MS, LPC-A

Ethan graduated with a BA in Psychology and MS in Counseling. He has spent almost a decade working in schools as a behavioral therapist and school counselor across all levels and grades.

Through his previous therapy and counseling experiences, Ethan has worked with a wide variety of backgrounds and challenges. These include ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorder, OCD, Grief & Death, Autism, Down Syndrome, Identity Development, Careers and life after school, and ODD. He also has a wide knowledge of 504s and IEPs, and has attended professional development courses around LGBTQ+ youth, Trauma healing and Mindfulness techniques.

Ethan’s theories and practices in therapy/counseling revolve around bringing awareness to the client and having an understanding of oneself. Implementing an individualistic approach, he uses different techniques, skills and practices (such as DBT, CBT, art therapy, workbooks/activities) to meet the client where they are at. With the goal to help find balance in day-to-day life, then figuring out how to communicate those needs to those around us in search of maintaining balance. Whether it be a longer-term challenge or just a small rough patch, he’s here to help work through and support in coming out stronger.

About Sasco River Center

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