Erin Micali, PsyD

Erin Micali, CHW, Psy.D., is a post-doctoral fellow at Sasco River Center who is specializing in pediatric neuropsychology. Dr. Micali attended the University of Connecticut where she received her Bachelor of Arts in psychological sciences within the Honors Program. She earned a second Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Connecticut. Erin graduated with a combined doctorate in counseling and school psychology, with Kappa Delta Pi honors from Rivier University in 2023. She completed her APA-accredited predoctoral internship at Clifford Beers Community Care Center, conducting assessment and therapy with individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. Cultural humility was a value instilled in Erin throughout her doctoral and internship programs and she remains dedicated to providing services to a diverse clientele and integrating issues of diversity into clinical work. Interning at Clifford Beers Community Care Center allowed Erin to apply her knowledge around issues of diversity to her clinical work while also expanding her ability to integrate such issues into assessment, intervention, parent guidance, and consultation.

Erin’s experience in assessment includes learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g., ADHD, ASD, language disabilities, intellectual disability) and socioemotional assessment (e.g., mood, anxiety, depression, personality). Erin believes that a well-written assessment can be used as a road map for helping a child and their family to navigate their complex needs holistically, academically, socially, and emotionally. Erin approaches assessment from a strength-based perspective in which she looks for a child’s innate skills to help facilitate growth and development. To do this Erin meets every child where they are, ensuring each child feels comfortable in her office. Dr. Micali has experience conducting psychoeducational evaluations within the New Hampshire school system. These reports have supported the IEP or 504 evaluation process to help children access education and better understand their learning style by highlighting the interplay of emotions, neurodevelopmental disabilities, and overall psychological functioning on a child/adolescent’s ability to accept new educational material. She believes in advocating for each child’s unique needs within the classroom and beyond.

Erin remains connected to the research community where she holds a passion for ASD research. Previously, as an undergraduate Erin researched joint engagement and language acquisition in toddlers. As a doctoral candidate, she analyzed the presentation of female ASD. Dr. Micali presented her doctoral research at conferences both domestically and globally. Currently, she contributes to the research community by blind editing peer-reviewed journals. Erin never leaves home without a book and ends every day with yoga. Outside of work, she enjoys kayaking, walking on nature trails, and drawing.

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