David Kucher

David Kucher provides Executive Functions and Learning Coaching at Sasco River Center, as well as collaboration on the development and implementation of learning products, presentations, and school professional development workshops. With over ten years of special education classroom experience, advanced degrees in education and writing from Rutgers University and Montclair State University, as well as current certificates in ADHD Coaching, Executive Functions Coaching, Critical Friends Groups, Academic Diversity, and Design Thinking, David works with students and families to understand brain development, embrace their learning strengths and challenges, and make a scaffolding plan. Fun fact: David has added “CrossFit Coach” to his credentials and currently works with adults and teenagers to improve their physical and mental well being at his Norwalk gym, Tower Fitness.

The overall goal of all-learning coaching: student self-awareness, process experimentation, and ultimate independence. My work with a student always starts with the question, “What currently works?” The next step is to identify what doesn’t work. Experimentation then informs our work together. “How do you study for vocabulary tests?” “How do you approach a math assessment?” “When you read, how do you take notes? Retain information?” The answers to each question helps me work with the student to examine the process. Each meeting with the student contains an hour of: revisit what we know works; revisit current assignments (and what executive function skills you need to complete these assignments); identify curriculum that needs to be completed; get the work done; reflect on the process. While homework or test preparation most often guides the hour, we always reflect on the executive functions, scaffolding, success, and remaining challenges. The goal: students gain self-awareness, change their processes, and find independence.

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