Re-Opening Notice! 5/27/20


We’ve missed you!  It’s been far too long, but we hope you and your family are well, and have been able to manage through these challenging and confusing last few months.  It’s certainly been a seismic shift in our world; we are all working around a new “normal”, and trying to understand what that means.

Keeping  You (& Us) As Safe As Possible

During the past months, many of our clients have successfully used telehealth to receive services.  In fact, we are still recommending Telehealth for appropriate clients, and sessions are available in the following service areas: Psychotherapy, Psychiatric consultations and medication management, Academic support, Speech and language therapy, Behavioral/Parenting support, OT sessions, feeding sessions and groups via the Zoom platform.

However, there are cases where telehealth is not viable, and in-person services are necessary. For example, some clients are too young to successfully navigate telehealth, while in other instances, testing procedures are less valid when administered via telehealth.  Therefore, Sasco River Center is gently re-opening our doors for in-person evaluation and treatment.

We are doing this, though, cautiously.  As we reopen, we will be exceeding state and CDC guidelines so as to keep you, and us, safe.  To this end, we have created a brand-new 14-page internal manual which outlines for our providers what needs to happen before, during and after sessions to maximize everyone’s safety.  The strategies include minimizing person-to-person contact, increasing fresh air, frequent cleanings and use of a new EPA-approved hand sanitizer.  We are happy to talk through the details of our comprehensive company-wide policies and procedures in more detail, but in general, safety is our main guiding principle.  

That being said, we are happy to begin to offer the following “in-person” services, for both Testing/Evaluation & OT/Sensory Processing.

Assessment Options

In-office Remote Evaluations

We have developed a new program to safely administer “In-office Remote Evaluations”, which takes place in one physical clinic location, but in two separate offices.  Using this program, we will be able to conduct complete psychoeducational, neuropsychological and speech/language assessments for most children, teens and adults. Providing tele-assessment within the office setting offers many technical and practical advantages over a conventional tele-assessment model, while still maintaining safe social distancing throughout the process.  Read on for more details on the process, and explanatory diagrams.

Program Details

  • Throughout the testing process, the psychologist and the patient are in separate offices within the same clinic connected via a secure telehealth platform. This allows for safe social distancing throughout the testing process.
  • The Psychologist’s Office is equipped with a computer with video conferencing and a document camera. This enables the patient/child to see the psychologist as well as necessary visual stimuli that can be presented either via screen share or the document camera.
  • The Patient’s Office is equipped with a computer (with videoconferencing), document camera (so the psychologist can monitor written work), and an additional device that captures other angles in order for the psychologist to make more thorough behavioral observations.
  • For younger children, next to the patient office will be a Parent/caregiver Area, which will allow the parent/caregiver to be nearby and reachable in case the child needs assistance. The child can also have some of their belongings in this area and walk in during breaks.

Safety Precautions

The following precautions will be taken to maximize safety:

  • Only one patient will be tested in the assigned testing areas per day.
  • Social distancing is maintained throughout testing
  • Parents take the child’s (and their own) temperature before leaving the house; and clinicians will engage in the same self-analysis.  If the psychologist, child, or parent shows any signs of a cold, fever, or related symptoms, the evaluation will be rescheduled.
  • Rooms are fully sanitized in a manner that limits potential contamination of surfaces utilizing sanitizing materials that have been fully approved and recommended by State and Federal health experts.
  • Parents/children bring their own snacks and toys.
  • During breaks, the patient stays within the patient office, adjacent parent room, or goes outside of the building to prevent contamination of other surfaces within the suite.
  • Only one family member per patient enters the clinic.
  • Intake and follow-up meetings with parents will be handled remotely.

Note that, In-office Remote Evaluations are not appropriate for all patients and do have some limitations.  Interested families can discuss appropriateness of the In-office Remote Evaluations and their limitations with our clinicians.

In-office Remote Evaluation Setup Diagrams

Occupational Therapy/Sensory Options

We are reopening with a variety of options so families can choose what best suits their therapeutic needs, while respecting personal preferences during these challenging times.  We will be offering: 

  • Telehealth
  • Outdoor Sessions (Your House or Darien Location)
  • In-Clinic Sessions (Limited)
  • OT Teleheatlh, Outdoor and In-clinic Assessments
  • Consultation Packages
  • Summer Programs, Biking Lessons and Gardening
  • Sasco Monthly Sensory Boxes
  • OT Supply Crates


When possible, we are still recommending Telehealth for clients.  Telehealth sessions have been going very well and will continue to be available for our clients.  We have been providing OT sessions, feeding sessions and groups via the Zoom platform.

For those who elect to use Telehealth, we have also created an OT Supply Crate that can be added to enhance the sessions and add to home programming.  See Below for more details.

Outdoor Sessions

The research is pointing to the outdoors, particularly where well-ventilated and sunny, being relatively safe.  We are taking advantage of this and the recent nice weather to see patients outside.

At Your Home

If you would like, one of our therapists is able to treat in your backyard.  We would be happy to come to your house, and the equipment and/or games you already have to treat.  As an option, you can add an OT supply crate (see below) for more 

Darien Clinic Outdoor Space

Our new location in Darien has lovely private outdoor space on the grounds.  We’ve begun offering outdoor sessions here.  Some of our children have been enjoying a change of scenery.  We will be roping off areas with colorful flags to have visual boundaries.

In-Clinic Therapy Sessions 

We are reopening both the Stamford and Wilton gyms for clients.  We are very excited to be able to treat again in our gym spaces.  To ensure maximum safety, we will following strict protocol:

  • Scheduling will be limited 
  • Only one client will be seen in a therapy room at a time.
  • Therapy rooms have been cleaned and have necessary supplies only in each room
  • Sessions will be spaced with 30 minutes between sessions to allow for our EPA-approved disinfectant spray  
  • Staff will be wearing masks
  • Clients are expected to wear masks as well. 
  • We will be escorting clients in from the parking lots to avoid waiting room use
  • Feedback from sessions to parents will be provided remotely  

OT/Sensory Processing Assessment Options

For those who need OT/Sensory Processing assessment and/or evaluation, we currently have the following options:


One hour remote assessment, followed by half hour parent feedback session

Outdoors Assessment

Can be performed outside at our Darien Clinic (330 Post Road), or in your own backyard, using your own equipment (or an “OT Supply Crate”; see below for more information)

In-clinic Assessment

Subject to strict safety protocols and some limitations we are now offering in-clinic assessments at our Stamford and Wilton locations.

Contact us for more information and appropriateness for each of these options

Consultation Packages

Away for the Summer? Need Extra Support?

As always, we can work with you to develop a package that fits your family’s needs. All consultative packages have the flexibility to be offered in-person, virtually, or a combination of both depending on the state guidelines at the time. All consultation packages can be redeemed at your leisure at any point between June 15th and September 1st. 

Stop the Summer Slide

With the transition to distance learning, less frequent occupational therapy sessions, and limited interaction with peers, a “summer slide” might have you seeing a loss of academic, social, and behavioral gains. We have developed this package to ensure you and your child have the tools and strategies to be successful next school year. 


  • Parent Goal Meeting: An occupational therapist will help you to develop specific goals based on areas of concern. A written report will break down these goals into measurable steps to help set you and your family up for success. 
  • Sensory Diet and Parent Training Session: One of our occupational therapists will then create a customized sensory diet based on your child’s needs and the changing times. An hour long parent training session will teach you how to carry out your child’s sensory diet program.
  • Three Hours of Consultation: Consultation can be utilized either telehealth or in-person and in any increments of time throughout the summer. 

Therapeutic Listening Bundles

We use Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) therapy to enhance and improve children’s sensory processing and auditory processing abilities.  We have found receiving iLS during Occupational Therapy is the most efficient method of providing sensory input to optimize listening function.  We are now offering iLS through virtual, outdoor or OT clinic sessions.  Please contact to discuss this further.  

Home Sensory Gym Recommendations:

After a virtual tour of your current sensory area, our occupational therapists will develop individualized recommendations.


Biking Lessons

Back by popular demand!  Since groups are still not recommended, and we are avoiding public spaces for now, we are offering private biking lessons (with siblings or individuals) either at your home or our Darien Clinic. The kids have been loving having a chance to be outside and learn an amazing new skill or work on a new aspect of riding. Biking sessions are one hour in length and involve sensory warm-up, coordination activity, biking skills and a craft.  Please contact for more information.

Gardening Sessions

For the gardener in you!  We now have gardening sessions available through telehealth or in person one-on-one (or for a family) at our Darien location outdoors.  We will deliver the supplies to you weekly.  Topics will change weekly, but each one creates an opportunity to learn more about the environment and the different aspects of gardening through various forms of sensory input.  Sessions are an hour in length.  Please contact for more information.  

Small Group Camps (beginning July, 2020)

We will be having small group camps in July and multidisciplinary camps in August.  Please contact  for more information of these fun summer activities and to be put on a list.

Sasco Monthly Sensory Boxes

We are launching an interactive sensory box program.  Each month, we will offer a box about vestibular processing, core stability and other therapeutic themes.  Included in the box will be 6 occupational therapy activity cards for children and parents to explore together.

OT Supply Crates

OT Supply Crates will be available for clients who would prefer to use only their own materials for sessions.  These personal crates can be transported to/from home, and include everything needed for a session, including duvet covers to be put on our existing crash pads for your child’s private use only.  These crates contain everything you need for a full treatment session including yoga/peanut balls, scooter boards, tunnels, bean bags, fine motor objects and fidgets.  Please reach out to Melissa ( to find out more details of these.  Each supply crate can be customized with additional materials for your child if you speak with your child’s individual therapist.

Call Us

We are ready for you.  We are very excited to see you and the kids again.  Please contact your regular therapist, or either of us below, to find out more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Christopher Bogart, PhD & Melissa Kahn, MS OTR/L
Co-Executive Directors

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