How to Actually Fit Self-Care Into Your Busy Life

The term “self-care” gets casually thrown around all the time. Overwhelmed at work? You need self-care. Kids stressing you out? […]

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dad laying in bed with upset son
Maintain Family Stability by Decreasing Your Own Emotional Arousal

Picture this: a parent sits down to dinner with their child. The child sees a pile of broccoli on his […]

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Table Top Sensory!

OT/Sensory based table top activities for school-aged children Play is an important aspect to a child’s growth and development. It […]

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mom helping son with homework
Setting Your Child Up For Success: Helping to Master New Skills

Children are constantly learning, and not just in the classroom. Every book they read, every toy they play with, every […]

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The Great Sasco River of Darien

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” Sir Winston Churchill _____ We officially announce the opening of our newest […]

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How to be Your Child’s “Emotion Coach”

We are born with an innate capacity to feel. In fact, our emotions serve a survival function. A newborn baby […]

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Letting Your Kids Work It Out On Their Own

We want our kids to succeed, plain and simple. We want to see them thrive, accomplish things, feel good about […]

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Seven Back-to-School Strategies

Set your child up for school success in 2020-21 with these back to school strategies. Most years, the back-to-school time […]

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How to Play

How to Play(With Your Child) A lot of parents find the idea of “play” to be a source of frustration. […]

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