We are a family-centered, interdisciplinary practice dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluations and integrated interventions addressing a wide range of ages and challenges.

We offer a warm, inviting environment, and a team of highly skilled practitioners who are trained to provide an integrated approach to learning, emotional, communication and behavioral issues.

By having access to all of our specialists under one roof, all of our clients can receive the specific help they need, as well as benefit from collaboration between every specialist on their team or within the Center. Whether in a group therapy setting, or in individual sessions with a psychotherapist or language pathologist, in a tutoring session or through testing, our staff will find an integrated solution best suited to the presented need.

Our Services

Our wide range of specialists are able to provide: individual, group and family therapy; social skills groups; medication management; speech and language therapy; comprehensive diagnostic assessments; academic tutoring; life skills coaching and vocational guidance; executive functions coaching; parent guidance and in-home coaching; and nutritional counseling.

How to Get Started

Head over HERE to get started. You’ll contact one of our intake coordinators to be set up with a comprehensive intake with one of our experienced clinicians. In that intake, the history of your area of concern will be explored and a treatment plan will be developed.