SRC invites your child to join a Social Skills Group this fall!


Groups practice Social Thinking curriculum skills through engaging play-based activities:

Our groups use improv-based activities and GAME! Night group programming (see below) to create a fun, accepting space for group members to “experiment” with social overtures in a non-threatening setting (in other words, out of view from their school peers!). All facilitators receive training on this dynamic play-based format.

Improvisational theatre, or Improv, values trial and error learning, having a “group focus,” and flexible thinking. These skills are invaluable for real-life social situations where we need to have a keen awareness of our contextual environment and respond to in-the-moment changes with ease. This playful format makes practicing communication skills such as two-way conversation, listening, and body language easy and fun! Students gain confidence in their ability to “read the room” and “roll with it.”

SRC staff members have also received training from Patrick O’Connor, Psy.D, the developer of GAME! Night. Patrick (link to profile here) is a child and teen- focused clinical psychologist in Chicago, IL. The board games chosen for SRC groups focus on collaboration, subtle social cues, and winning/losing gracefully.

About the Group Programming Coordinator: Moriah Smith-Bresky, MA, Psy.D, has cultivated the above format after training at Chicago’s SociAbility program, a PEERS based program using improvisational exercises to support client’s social development. She recently completed her Post-Doctoral training at SRC and is in the process of obtaining licensure. Moriah trains and supports group facilitators; she facilitates several groups with support from our trainees.

If you would like to hear more, please complete the following google form so we can contact you about group availability:

**If you are new to our clinic, please email Christi Zacarola with your child’s full name, birthdate, mailing address, and best phone/email to contact you so we can get your entry paperwork started. School contracts for IEP/504 plans available by school request. **