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Sasco River Center and Tower Fitness are collaborating to provide SoFit, a guided, safe fitness opportunity for middle and high school boys who struggle with social anxiety.

Social Fitness for Middle and High School Teen Boys

Current brain research shows that exercise improves mental health, decreases anxiety, and, when implemented with the guidance of experts in social thinking, can provide teens with the skills that are necessary to improve social interaction. In fact, the most recent studies show that the increase of metabolism during strength and conditioning, combined with increased respiration and changes in diet can change the brain metabolism of participants.

Other studies offer a clear connection between the structure and rigor of an exercise class and life planning and performance (called self-efficacy theory and protection motivation theory).  In both models, cognitive processes that take place during exercise classes (such as setting goals, having structure, guiding an outcome expectation and value, and maintaining an intention) can be applied to other areas of life.

SoFit: Our Groups

In our own work with social cognition groups, some groups have achieved less success because they don’t get the participants active and they have lacked a unified goal of “what will be achieved during the time together.”  With SoFit, participants gather together to exercise under the guidance of a coach: there is no “down time.”  Social interaction and reflection becomes much more organic during the hour.

Under the guidance of Learning Specialist and Certified CrossFit Coach David Kucher, participants will engage in a typical strength and conditioning class that finds athletes warming up with cardio equipment and / or a game, moving into strength building with clear safety precautions, and ending with a workout that combines endurance and strength.  As participants become more comfortable, coaches will partner athletes with each other for greater social interaction.


The goals of the early classes: to get students moving with some clear, safe guidelines over the course of an hour as they get to know each other.

The goals of subsequent classes: to find students interacting with each other, setting and achieving coordinated goals through partner workouts, and becoming more comfortable to both give and receive feedback from coaches and each other.

Group/Sessions Details


  • Tower Fitness
  • 120 New Canaan Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850


  • 10 Weeks
  • Fall / Winter Session: Runs from October 1 through December 20
  • WEDNESDAYS – 4:15PM – High School Participants 


  • No more than 8 Participants in each class


  • $500 per student for all classes
  • Fee includes equipment, set up fee, and progress tracking software (Wodify)


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