Science has proven that Nutrition and Self Care can make a huge impact on Mental Health. Some easy lifestyle changes can come in the form of nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress reduction. 

Nutrition as the Foundation for Mental Health

Learn strategies for consuming healing, grounding foods for energy and stabilizing your mood. Educate your children on what a well balanced diet looks like for maximal performance on the field and in the classroom through fun activities.
Strategies include:
  • Label Reading
  • Developing a well balanced weekly family menu
  • How to Remake your favorite Recipes
  • Easy Recipes you can make together as a family
  • Cooking classes in your home
  • Pantry Makeovers and Smart shopping trips to local grocery stores

Yoga and Mindfulness Training for Focus, Concentration, Self Confidence, Stress Resilience and More

  1. Self-Awareness – Learn to get out of your head and into your body. Connect and notice sensations in your body, find your boundaries, and be able to understand what you are thinking and feeling.  
  2. Teamwork – Yoga classes can be a great way for kids to interact and communicate in a playful way and contribute to the greater whole while feeling part of a safe community.
  3. Improve Focus – Learn to tune into your breath and the present moment by using your 5 senses.  Students learn to pause, notice and feel.  
  4. Stress Release – There are many poses and techniques in yoga that are proven to be beneficial for turning off our fight and flight response and calming our bodies down. By moving with intention we learn to slow down, recognize our triggers and respond to stress in a more intentional way.  
  5. Improving Behavior/Executive Functioning Skills – Yoga teaches students to follow instructions and sequences while feeling in control.  We help students bring more attention to what they are sensing and feeling, and learn to pause which can reduce impulsivity, increase patience and improve attention. 

Breathwork Strategies

  • Learn empowering skills to turn on the parasynthetic nervous system and come out of fight or flight mode
  • Find ways to naturally calm your body when you feeling stress, anxiety and panic
  • Techniques can also be employed to flood the body with endorphins and energy and lift your mood

Sleep Hygiene

Learn about calming and relaxation techniques, supplements and sleep aids that help you and your family find more of this precious commodity!