Parenting Skills, Series 1

Topic/Session Calendar

February, 2020
2/11 “Why won’t you sit still?! It’s just a haircut!”: Fear & Fury All The Way Around
Find out where sensory processing meets behavior, how to tell the difference, and some tried and true strategies you can implement to calm everyone.
2/18The Sensory Smart Environment
Organize your home and other environments in order to support your child’s self-regulation and sensory system.
2/25Transitions! Transitions! So Many Transitions!
Countdowns, timers, and “one more turn!” Sound familiar? At this session, you can learn what exactly to do!
March, 2020
3/3Connections Before Corrections: The Importance Of Play & EQ
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is crucial for bonding, and is learned through interactions. Learn how to connect with your child and teach them the universal language of emotions.
3/10“Why Do Are You Doing That?!”: Understanding Behaviors & Consequences
Learn why behaviors develop and what to do about them.
3/17“Because I Said So!”: How To Teach Respect & Responsibility
Yes, you can flip the script on “You’re not the boss of me!” and other sassy things kids say.
3/24“My Kiddo Never Gets Invited To Playdates.”: How To Navigate The Social World
Preschoolers socialize differently. We will discuss how to best plan their social activities, including playdates, in a way that fosters development and happiness.
3/31“Oh No, Screen Time!”: Technology As Babysitter? Teacher? How To Sort It Out
Most parents have a love/hate relationship with screen time, and everyone has an opinion on it. At this session you will learn how to determine what’ll best for your family.
April, 2020
4/7Siblings Can Be Super Slippery!
If your kids bicker constantly, tease, tattle-tale and battle, this session is for you. Learn how to keep the peace and teach your children how to get along.
4/14Sleeping, Feeding & Toilet Training
The perils of persnickety toddlers who can control when they pee or poop, if and when they will sleep and what they will eat will be discussed, and trade secrets will be shared!

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